Business Games for Kids Every Parent Must Explore

One of the most significant benefits you can provide your child is to raise them with a business mindset. Whether they choose to be involved in business or not, exposing them to the elements of a successful business from a young age will set them up for success. While only a few children exhibit an interest in the business from an early age, parents may offer them games with a business attitude to stimulate an interest in the business.

In this blog, we will be discussing over few business games for kids that every parent must explore:

1. Lemonade Stand

You may have seen movie sequences where a child sells lemonade in front of their homes. This game or mini-business activity has been shown to teach business knowledge to children. By the end of this game, your kid will understand pricing, profit, and loss, as well as marketing and sales, which even some college grads don’t understand.

So, what exactly will your kids be doing in this game?

You will have two alternatives during Lemonade Stand: allow them to construct a physical shop or operate in a vibrant virtual setting. Your youngsters should manage their business, i.e., Lemonade Stand, in a virtual setting for a month and make as much money as possible.

While physically, you may simply let your child create and operate a lemonade stand for a day. They will grasp how the weather impacts business, what kind of clients are there, and other factors that will profoundly influence your child’s life.

2. Arcade Games

Arcade games are becoming increasingly popular among both children and the elderly. The goal, though, is to trick your youngster into playing games that will make them smarter. According to one study, children who play games as youngsters grow up to be brighter adults than people who did not play games as children.

Moreover, there are just a few games that primarily focus on arithmetic, logic, and problem-solving. Make such games available to your youngster. If unsure, investigate it yourself before offering it to your child. Several similar games are accessible online; we recommend trying Rubik’s cube and tic-tac-toe, which are simple yet strengthen the child’s thinking and reasoning abilities.

3. Zapitalism

One of the other popular business games for kids that every parent must explore to tell their child is Zapitalism. It sounds more like capitalism, as the game surrounds the principle of capitalism.

The game is designed for kids in middle and high school, and the aim is to build a small business. They must bring the corporation to a trading tycoon level as they play the game.

If available, you may also play the game with six other friends, where your youngster will learn the value of collaboration in business.

This is a turn-based game, which means that each player must take a turn before the clock moves forward by one week. To begin with, you are given 50,000 zables, and you must generate a profit by acquiring things from a wholesaler to stock your shelves.

There are other features in the game as well by which the players can increase the money of the company. Here are some techniques that can be used in the games:

  • Taking a business loan up to the credit limit to purchase better products.
  • Watching out for competitors’ strategies and action plans.
  • Competing for a building permit to enlarge the store size.
  • Doing tax audit every ten weeks that passes in the game.
  • Paying the employees.

4. Monopoly

Monopoly is one of the classiest games ever built. Less or more, we might all have played this game at our time. So, with a new touch and old class, the game is now accessible digitally. This game provides players or your children a good introduction to business concepts. Meanwhile, the goal of the game remains the same.

So, are you ready to let your kids drive their opponents off the board by gathering properties and charging rent in Monopoly?

Why is Business Games for Kids Important?

Children do not get acquainted with business information until they are in their late teens unless business runs in their family. So, business games for kids are vital in order to provide your child with a helpful and very required talent and mentality in their maturity. It is similarly crucial for parents to explore business games for their children for similar reasons.

This is not to argue that children who lack business expertise are not intelligent, or that every child should pursue a career in business. Kids may pursue their interests in any subject because there are so many options. However, because children like playing games, they are likely to become involved in a plethora of them. Let us provide kids with games in which they may gain real-world skills for the competitive reality we live in.


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One thought on “Business Games for Kids Every Parent Must Explore

  1. Am learning things that i was not taught in my 25-30 yrs of schooling.. thanks to Rich Dad Poor Dad… now learning about money at 40… but according to me there is no time limit for this lesson.

    Thanks to you.. i can teach my kids… at an early age.. about how to make money.
    These games are are an eye-opener for my kids.

    Thank you

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