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How to Have an Attractive Personality

Have you ever wondered looking at someone and whispered to yourself, “Wow! What a personality!”? It had happened to me several times when I met some people with dashing and captivating personality and wished secretly if I could be like them. But we all know that we are different from others in many aspects, however, it’s not that we can’t develop our own personality type to manage our social and professional life.

Developing an attractive personality has become an important attribute in this modern world almost in all activities, especially valued in the professional world, and will continue to become as long as human will handle the relationship building activities. The activities involving family, relatives, friends, society and corporate world demand dynamic personality for effective communication and relationship building. Nowadays, many businesses use attractive personality as a marketing tool.

Here are some useful ideas to make an attractive personality.

1. Way of speaking

The way of speaking is one of the crucial aspects of attractive personality as it is the way you present your ideas, feeling and information to others. The first noticeable thing about speech is your voice. To impress others, you must have loud and soft euphony. For boys, it is said that they must have smooth, bold and commanding voice whereas for girls loud, clear and sweet sound is required, just like a dulcet sound of kukus. How are your gestures? The physical activities while speaking are important to capture the attention of your audience. Generally, the upper parts of the body are involved more in conversational expressions. The movement of hands, facial muscles and eyes have their own kind of meaning and bringing these all right expressions together should be our aim in conversation. These expressions tell how serious and enthusiastic you are while talking. Are you looking at your audience? It’s normal that people generally do not talk to the walls (unless they have some mental issues or serious preparation for an interview going on). The connection between speaker and audience is the eye. So do not forget to make a strong bond with your audience. Make eye contact with them but do not stare like you are going to kill them.  Your words and expressions must be clear and understandable. Fluency is another crucial facet. Faltering and stammering (hesitancy and unsteady speech) are not supposed to happen.

2. What are you speaking?

Not only for the way you speak, you are also noticed for what you are speaking. The gist of the speech is what enters into the brain. To make your speech credible and commanding, you must not say something that is vague. Unclear and confused statements darken your effectiveness. You need to build your impression through very convincing and diplomatic style. Logical and creative answers with cogent and suitable expressions help to make a reliable picture of you so that people want to hear you again and again. People start to ignore you if you are going through a lot of unimportant stuff. Both garrulous (overly talkative) and laconic (not speaking at all) characters are extremely harmful, so you should give an eloquent speech in a succinct way, that is more effective. Euphemistic expressions might also uplift your quality of speech.

3. Your dress up

Wearing style and the perfect matching of dress up play the main role in your personality. Your dress speaks about you. Some teens and young people might think modish and voguish dress up effective but this is not the case all the time. Your choice must suit the condition. Like if you are going to a party, you should select the style and design that matches at that moment. It is quite different from the dress at a funeral ceremony. Also, over adorning and gaudiness does not feel good for a modest personality. Females are generally called a Peacock when they overuse their make up taking a long time, just like a Fop for males. Basically, for the female, the perfect match of dress up gives luscious and attractive look instead of insipid one. Next important and unavoidable part is footwear, regarded as the key to fascinate girls at first sight.

4. Your behavior

It is said that the first impression is the last impression. So, in order to maintain your performance from starting, you need to be very careful about your behavior with others. Are you an angry and irritable person? Does your presence disturb people? Are you extremely introverted and sad? If yes, then your personality needs a serious reform. People are pleased by calm, cheerful and outgoing appearance. If you are having anxiety, depression and mental stresses, try meditation, yoga and have some mind refreshing activities like playing games. Even if not solved, do not hesitate to consult some psychiatrist.

How you treat your children, adults, relatives, seniors, friends etc is also important for your behavior. Among children and relatives, a solicitous behavior is needed while you should appear solemnly in front seniors. But you have to be more straightforward among friends. Good sense of humor helps to make more friends. Sometimes humorous and witty answers engender an amiable environment among friends.

5. Confidence

Confidence is a weapon of our personality. It is the strongest of all. You can combat a gunman with a stick if you are confident. Even if you don’t have an attractive face, well-built body and height, your confidence can compensate all those insufficiencies. It is visible in almost everything you do like walking, speaking, working, sitting etc. The confident and hopeful people are easily distinguished from depressed and hopeless people. Confidence is your energy and it expresses the guaranty in your words and activities (just imagine how some unattractive guys get beautiful girls).

6. Physical Fitness

Physical appearance is the first thing people see about you before you interact with them. It’s the first impression. It’s good to have a sound physical fitness and shape which helps in having a good matching of dress as well as appealing people to talk. It also plays a main role in other aspects (confidence and style). Physically fit body brings healthy thoughts and is good for the mind too.

At Last

The employers nowadays seek more soft skills (combination of interpersonal people skills, social skills, communication skills) than hard skills (specific, teachable abilities and knowledge of core subject) in order to build a strong bond with their customers. Similarly, startup holders and entrepreneurs should also be equipped with such skills which help them build better human relations. These banal notions are well-known to us and we don’t care much about these but knowing well and applying in real life are two different things. Just give it a try and watch yourself coming out on the other side.

Anuj writes about Business, Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Apart from being a professional Mechanical Engineer, he enjoys Digital Marketing along with Music, Art and Photography in his spare time.

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