Internal vs External Recruitment

Internal and external recruitment are components of the HR procedures that businesses employ to surround themselves with the talent they need for their development. Still, they do not live up to the same standards. Recruitment agencies, therefore, choose one or the other of these approaches based on the type of profile the company wants to hire and the nature and functions of the role.

What is Internal Recruitment?

Internal recruitment is the process of filling open positions or replacing staff members within the organization by using the resources that are already there (retirement, for example). In order to evaluate the available abilities with the new goals, the recruitment agency makes this effort.

What are the Advantages of Internal Recruitment?

This method has several benefits since it allows the business to make decisions based on months or even years of observation by using inside workers to carry out new roles. Thus, the chance of inaccuracy is reduced. By choosing internal recruitment, you can cut costs while speeding up the process. The procedure is as simple as feasible because there are no advertisements to put or studies of applications and interviews to devote time to.

By choosing a candidate who already works for the company, there won’t be any integration issues. The employee will see this move as more of a development. His understanding of his own function may change as a result, but his perception of the culture of the society in which he works will not.

Despite these benefits, internal hiring isn’t always sufficient, especially when a vacant post requires skills that no current employee truly possesses.

What is External Recruitment?

External recruitment compensates for these shortcomings by instilling new perspectives, particularly within companies that do not have a large number of employees. Without internal resources, calling on a recruitment firm to find THE perfect talent often proves to be an ideal solution. Thus, the company develops all of its skills and can turn to new markets and embark on projects of a different nature.

What are the Advantages of External Recruitment?

In fact, the size of the pool to which employers can gain access by choosing external recruitment is unmatched. This “fresh blood” allows the business to focus only on innovation. Additionally, new hires still have a lot to prove, so they frequently try to stand out for their creativity and good nature in order to let their work speak for itself and show how they contribute value.

Another benefit that could be less obvious: posting job listings is an excellent method of communication for the business, signaling a goal to grow. As a result, it draws candidates looking to make investments in emerging businesses.

The two strategies can also work well together, particularly when you wish to assemble a team in preparation for growth. Then, it can be a matter of combining the benefits by turning to individuals who are already intimately familiar with the business and will be ecstatic about receiving new duties. For their part, new hires will settle in with a vibrant team that values their efforts. Whatever your project, don’t be afraid to contact a recruitment agency that can help.


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