Things Every Business Needs to Know About Impressing Customers

Try as you might, you can never rise to the top without leaving a great first impression on your customer’s mind. You can do pretty much everything in your power, but unhappy customers will still leave for better options. That said, your efforts to impress your customers must be continual and should never take a backseat. Forget all the principles, methods, and strategies you’ve been advised to employ and focus on customer-centricity. This is everything you need to know about impressing your audience, regardless of how demanding they may be. 

1. It’s All About the Journey: Delivering Stellar Experiences

Before you make your next move, ask yourself this: what separates you from the competitors?. Your offer doesn’t have to be different from of your competitors’, but customers can still choose you over them.

When the product cannot possibly ensure differentiation, the package is your only point of advantage. The road to conversion is long, and the actual purchase only comes after thoughtful consideration. What comes in between is the customer experience, the ultimate promise of quality and value.

This is the first thing that makes an impression, so be clever about it. Instead of experimental sales techniques, employ customer-centric tools. CRMs can provide you actionable insights about your customers’ needs and preferences and the more data you collect, the better you get at impressing and retaining customers. Customer experience includes everything from pre-purchase nurturing to post-purchase support, and it’s that journey towards conversion that makes all the difference. Make it unique, pleasant, and convenient, and they’ll certainly be impressed.

2. Support Sells: Reducing Customer Effort

It’s not a big secret that today’s customers have grown extremely demanding. Since they lack time and interest for traditional sales pitches, you have to discover new, convenient ways to convince them to buy your product. If your customer support gets a lot of negative reviews, it’s time to shift your customer satisfaction strategy with certain improvements. To start, you can deploy techniques to make your business more reachable for the customers, so they don’t have to put extra efforts.

For that to happen, you can introduce a live chat option on your website. The reduction of customer effort is the most important factor for customer loyalty, and live chat software systems are tailored for convenience. Have your salespeople and customer service reps meet modern requirements with ease, and your success is guaranteed. 

3. Beyond Scripted Conversations: Humanizing the Process

 Speaking of live chat software systems, some businesses still cannot decide between a live agent solution and a bot alternative. Though both have their advantages, experts suggest that modern-day audiences still prefer the human touch.

Thanks to social media and unlimited online communication, relatability is one of the biggest differentiating points that a business can acquire. If you humanize your brand, go where the audience is, and approach them in a cordial manner, your first impression will be great.

Though chatbots can help in reducing human efforts in chat support, unscripted conversations can go a long way in delivering amazing results. However digitally native it may be, today’s audience enjoys genuine connections and friendly help.

You don’t have to be a largely successful brand in order to sweep them off their feet. Impressing the customer is not so hard, and sometimes, the only thing it takes is a kind word. As long as you train your agents to be considerate and accommodating, your customer support will thrive.

4. The Perks of Being Unique: Differentiating the Approach

It never hurts to offer something unique, though. Both chatbots and live chat software systems make a convincing differentiating point for now, but they’ll soon be a necessity for all businesses that want to stay competitive and relevant.

Whether you employ them or not, your customers will still expect something fresh and original. Do a market research and gather your team for a brainstorming session – whatever idea comes to your mind, make sure that it offers something unique for your customers to appreciate.

Besides, most of your customers will reward you with loyalty if you make constant efforts in winning their hearts. Every once in a while, add something new to your offer. Be as generous with discounts and special deals, and never forget to email a birthday coupon.

5. Improvement Time: Asking for Feedback

It’s truly impressive when a company never stops making improvements. Your differentiating point doesn’t have to be a single product but can be a number of tiny improvements. While entrepreneurs pay a lot of money on research tools to tell them what their customers want, a simple survey can lead you in the right direction. Make it clear that their feedback is valued, and they’ll be truly impressed with your eagerness to improve.

Don’t be nervous if the feedback is bad, but approach the unsatisfied customer straight away. Take every negative feedback as an opportunity to improve and sooner than later, you will come up with a refined version of your product. You’ve probably heard otherwise, but impressing the customer is actually not so hard. As long as you greet everyone with a smile, provide helpful and fast solutions, and reduce their effort throughout the customer lifecycle, your business will have no real competition to beat.


Jason is a technical writer currently associated with ProProfs Chat . He enjoys writing about emerging customer support products, trends in customer support industry and the financial impacts of using such tools. In his spare time, Jason likes traveling extensively to learn about new cultures and traditions.

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