Anuj Pathak

marketing small business strategy low cost

When it comes to marketing, small businesses suffer a lot because of two reasons. One is that they have large competitors pool and another is they have too little budget to invest. It’s very hard to find smart startup tips which are economically and tactically fruitful. It all depends on how well you understand the trends on the market, competitor’s activities and psychology of the customers. Here, I want to

manage online reputation

Most of the ventures we see now have their own website and social media profiles. The turmoil that the internet has created in the field of communication made it somehow compulsory for business holders to make their online profile for better exposure. Making an online profile of businesses helps them connect easily with their customers at the same time introducing them to the large ocean of competitors. Hence, to secure

make attractive personality

Have you ever wondered looking at someone and whispered to yourself, “Wow! What a personality!”? It had happened to me several times when I met some people with dashing and captivating personality and wished secretly if I could be like them. But we all know that we are different than others in many aspects, however, it’s not that we can’t develop our own style to manage our professional life easily. Developing