Beat Insomnia During Coronavirus Pandemic

How To Beat Insomnia During Coronavirus Pandemic

The recent coronavirus outbreak has been the biggest pandemic since the ones involving HIV/AIDS (2005-2012) and the Spanish Flu 1918). It’s become a catalyst for quarantines/lockdowns, vaccine research, and COVID-19 anxiety. The world’s nations have reported over 63 million COVID-19 cases as of November 2020. This situation has produced wholesale changes to people’s day-to-day lives […]

academic writing

What Is Involved With Academic Editing?

Academic writing is very important while writing papers for conferences, grants, publications, and reviewers, etc. Good-quality academic writing gives a very positive impression while facing editorial boards, journals, administrators, and even potential employers. Academic writing is a well structured, clear, concise, and focused document that is always supported by the facts. It helps readers to […]

procurement data analysis

How Advanced Data Analytics Helps Businesses in Procurement

Most procurement organizations dream about working in a technologically-rich environment where everything is automated, like requisition, purchase of goods/services, invoice creation and matching to payments. Advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, bots and analytics work in tandem and accelerate the work while improving the outcomes. But, gathering and maintaining sufficient data is a dream that […]

In the Age of AI and Bots - Why Call Centres Still Matters
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In the Age of AI and Bots Why Call Centers Still Matters?

Artificial intelligence and chatbots are gaining traction in many industries for the augmentation that it can bring to many of their processes, including customer service. These technological advancements promise to deliver faster customer service through a fully-automated process, which can yield higher profits for the business and are replacing call centers. The reason that AI […]