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OnEntrepreneur is an online magazine that covers the topics related to Business, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, Startups and other closely related fields. In this constantly changing world, we strive to analyze the current trends of these fields and share it with the world so that our readers can shape the future of the Entrepreneurial world.

If you’d like to contribute to this journey (related to Entrepreneurship, Startups, Business, Marketing and Finance), you can do it by following ways:

  • Sharing your startup or business story and experience
  • Writing about financial tips for Newbie Entrepreneurs
  • Sharing ideas/content related to evaluation and real time experience of marketing strategies and trends
  • Guest posting on the fresh topic related to Entrepreneurship, Startups, Business, Marketing and Finance
  • Sharing ideas, tips and solutions to current Entrepreneurial and Startups problems
  • Providing authentic data and reports related to Business for research
  • Sharing Business Resources that are helpful for Entrepreneurs and Businessman.

Here are few guidelines for guest posting/content submission and we expect you to follow these strictly.

  • Guest posting article should be at least 800 words with relevant images/graphics for visual communication
  • Guest posting Content should be original (not plagiarized) and perfect in grammar
  • No link building, advertising and affiliate marketing (however, we are open to sponsored posts for promotional contents)
  • Only relevant links from high authority sites will be approved as outgoing links
  • You will get one link to your website/blog in a non-promotional way from author bio
  • Author should have a proper bio and display picture
  • Follow our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) so that we’d know you are a real person behind rather than a dummy profile.

It generally takes few days to a week for the approval of guest posting request. Here are few things you have to consider if your article for guest posting is approved.

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