12 Must-Have Productivity Apps for Startup Entrepreneurs

If you’re just starting as an entrepreneur, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed. Achieving more significant production levels and, in turn, less stress and better health are made possible by increasing productivity. Is this familiar to you?

There is a bevy of productivity applications and solutions to assist your small business or startup in getting things done. A handful of the best productivity applications and tools for small businesses and startups are included below.

1. Freshbooks

When it comes to payments, there might be a ton of work between when you finish a service and when you are paid for it, depending on your company model. Freshbooks is here to ease the burden of managing and monitoring bills. 

Create professional and straightforward invoices for your clients, set up regular accounts, and accept credit cards from your smartphone with this productivity software. You may also keep track of your business expenses, generate reports, and create profit and loss accounts with this program.

2. Tabby, an AI-powered tab manager

Tabby is Billions’ October team crush. In September, Product Hunt ranked it as the #4 product of the week, and since then, it has quickly become one of our go-to productivity tools. 

What am I referring to? A tab organizer designed for entrepreneurs and other time-constrained users. Any tab in your browser view will be instantly and quietly removed if it is found to be irrelevant based on artificial intelligence. 

With just one click, you can always bring it back. As a result, this is a tab manager specifically tailored to the needs of businesses in two ways.

One of the main reasons for this is that most productivity tools need you to open a plethora of browser windows (CRM, WP administration, G Suite apps and so on), which results in a lot of tab-clicking. Your time is too valuable as an entrepreneur to spend it clicking and tidying your browser all day.

The second benefit of using Tabby is that it is always running in the background of your computer without interrupting your work. Getting started is as simple as plugging in a USB flash drive.

3. Evernote

Evernote is included on our list for one simple reason: It’s your small notebook for penning down your ideas. Web, iOS, and Android users may all download the freeware version of the app. Make sure your gadgets are all in sync. 

Sync data, store Web pages, snap images, build to-do lists, and record voice reminders. What else could you possibly want? You may also look for tasks on the go and everything else.

4. GoCo

HR may be a mystery to many small firms. It’s complicated, difficult to understand, and often clogged with paperwork. Working in a startup ground, you may not have time or resources. Good news! You can satisfy your company’s demands with an all-in-one platform.

HR and benefits administration is streamlined with GoCo.io’s cloud-based HR platform. Several productivity applications integrate with it, including several, to get the HR features you need without dealing with all the paperwork.

5. CamCard

Business owners attend various conferences throughout the year to network with like-minded individuals. In meetings, exchanging business cards is customary, but it is all too simple to misplace a business card and a potential client! Avoid being a victim of this. Take a photo of your business card with CamCard, and all the information will be posted to your phone contacts and your email accounts. 

Scan after scan will be error-free thanks to the scanner’s high level of precision. Furthermore, data may be synchronized with other devices. The software’s iPhone version is usually complimentary, while it costs $3.26 on different mobile devices.

6. Phantombuster

As a new business owner, you need to identify your initial prospects and build on your existing relationships. That’s where Phantombuster comes in. Phantombuster is like Zapier; however, it specializes in web scraping instead of automation.

You can learn more about how they can help entrepreneurs automate aspects of their social media presence (such as following or liking) or extract and augment data from LinkedIn on their website. Using the app is made simple with a library of tutorials.

7. Upwork

It may be time-consuming to go through resumes and keep track of potential employees. You don’t want to spend too much time screening resumes to find your organization’s most exemplary potential employees. Upwork is an excellent software for these projects because it manages the recruiting process. This means that you can spend more time recruiting than going through applicants manually.

Aside from receiving all resumes in one spot, the app records each applicant’s progress during the application process.

8. Intercom

If your consumers had a positive experience, they are more likely to demand the same level of service from the same business in the future. Enterprises progressively distinguish themselves from their competitors by providing a positive and unexpectedly pleasant experience for their clients.

Intercom makes it easy for your firm to communicate and interact with your customers with education, live chat, and more. This allows you to focus on preventing issues from arising in the first place and ensuring that your company’s consumers become raving fans.

9. Chat with Slack

Slack is a popular alternative for those who dislike Google Hangout. Slack has become a byword for efficiency as an all-in-one business communication tool. As a new employee, it’s easy to connect with coworkers one-on-one, set up private channels for group initiatives, and exchange information more quickly with your team through public media.

A ray of hope? Slack features a plethora of third-party connectors that double its usefulness. Woocommerce is a popular plugin for WordPress that lets you keep track of your sales. You may now turn on a notification every time a sale is made on your slack channel “sales” by connecting Woocommerce. 

It’s no longer necessary to refresh your dashboard every time a deal is closed; a simple message will do the trick, keeping everyone on track. What do you think?

10. Zapier

There is no need to introduce Zapier. All the applications out there require a plumber to connect them. Zapier provides precisely that: it automates the tiresome procedures that entrepreneurs do across apps to increase their efficiency. Is it possible to feed your HubSpot CRM via a Google form that captures information in a Spreadsheet? Use a zap instead of re-doing the task. It’ll take the burden for you.

Trello cards may be created via Gmail alerts, and Slack notifications can be sent. In terms of productivity and performance, this is essential.

11. RescueTime

When was the last time you experienced a day that seemed to fly by without you noticing? You have meant to work on an essential assignment, but there is a mountain of emails you need to deal with, a project you delivered yesterday that needs editing, and lunch is just around the corner.

You won’t know if you don’t start measuring things. Using RescueTime, you may better understand how you spend your time by keeping track of where it goes and receiving thorough reports and statistics. Try it out.

12. Trello

No matter how tiny, working with others can help you get more done in the time you have at your disposal. Still, it also necessitates more time spent on people management and keeping track of project deadlines—keeping track of what has to be done and when might be challenging if you’re juggling emails, Slack, and tracking papers. 

For those who find it challenging to keep track of their projects, Trello is here to help. Use the power of centralization to streamline communications and structure initiatives, so you can get things done faster than ever before.

Bottom Line

There are many people out there that want to be successful entrepreneurs. Some stand out for their work ethic and growth potential through intelligent applications in their daily routine. There’s a higher possibility of getting things done in an orderly fashion by using these productivity tools.

Use these helpful productivity apps to boost your company’s expansion and gain an advantage over the competition. And while you improve your productivity with these don’t forget to provide a good startup culture, healthy workplace environment, and more for your employees to thrive on. Because when you take care of your employees, they in turn will take care of your clients. 

Nishanth P K

Nishanth is a Startup Specialist | SEO enthusiast, working at NeoITO - a reliable Software Development Company based in the USA. He is an avid reader and writer and works closely with entrepreneurs to stay updated on the latest.

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