How Playing Games Can Instill an Entrepreneurial Mindset in Your Kids?

The best time to learn is when you are a kid. When we are children, our brains function in fascinating ways. Everything happens during that phase, from learning letters to drawing our first picture. Unfortunately, the skills we most need today, such as leadership, teamwork, persistence, and money knowledge, are not taught in schools or at home.

While the world is advancing at breakneck speed, it is time to teach our kids something more valuable that will lead to an amazing life ahead of them. There are so many things that kids could learn from a game nowadays. By saying that, we don’t mean that education is not important for children; however, games play an equal role in developing children’s decision-making capacity. We can find many successful entrepreneurs and leaders who have started their journey at a very young age. On top of that, the internet has been a global go-to source for learning and getting exposed to opportunities. So, let’s see how playing games can instill an entrepreneurial mindset in your kids.

Problem Solving

Games have often problems that they want you to solve. There will be different ways to solve the problems of that game. Kids love the satisfaction of solving a problem. Once they are adapted to solving problems, solving real-life problems wouldn’t be a big deal to them. A perfect reaction to deal with problems comes with a lot of experience in solving it and your kids have a very long time to master the tale of problem-solving.


Nowadays, the game lets kids build their character and even their city. With hundreds of additional features and thousands of ways to deal with a situation, kids can show their creativity to tackle all kinds of situations and stand out in them. Whether it’s about how to manage a restaurant or how to sell coffees, playing games have benefits, that often go unnoticed.

Ability to take risks

It is just a game, right? When kids play games with this mentality, they are not afraid to take risks. Because they know they will get another chance if their decision goes wrong. One of the best flex entrepreneurs is their ability to take risks and make decisions. Not everyone can pull that off. Hence, if your kids get used to taking risks, they will know, what’s the good time to take action and what’s the bad time, when to purchase things and when to sell. But hey, it’s just a game, right?

Value of money

The value of money is so important that even as an adult some people still have a hard time figuring that out. Clearly, the schools don’t teach this, and if you can give your kids to play games that prepare them for monopoly just like entrepreneurs, you would be doing a great job.

Learning from Mistakes

We as parents often punish our kids for failing in school and getting bad grades. While that is completely the wrong way to do that, we should let our children make mistakes, and let them tackle the problems that stand in between.

A good example of this can be one wrong move in the game and it finished. The next time, kids will take a different step while playing that game. This mindset will not only affect their gaming skills but also prove valuable in their real lives. And kids have a long time ahead to learn from their mistakes, don’t they?

To make things better, culinary schools have created kid’s games that can instill an entrepreneurial mindset in your children. Don’t worry, they’re not going to teach your children to go out and open a random stall. They just use the above-mentioned approaches to help them develop entrepreneurial skills through games. Here are a few games for kids to instill an entrepreneurial mindset.

Coffee Shop

Just a basic simulation game, that helps kids learn about how to manage factors like stocking ingredients, changing drink formulas, changing drink price, and even changing drink by customer demands on different weathers. It’s similar to an internship at a coffee shop, but a bit more fun.

The game teaches the kids about how important is to keep customers happy and how managing even a coffee shop is a difficult task. Furthermore, the game also teaches the kids to respect every profession in the market.

Open Restaurants

This game gives brief insights on how a restaurant can be managed back and forth. More importantly, how well-managed restaurants can do better than unmanaged businesses or restaurants.

With click-to-click follow procedures, kids will be able to learn the algorithm of the game and improve their reaction as well as decision-making speed. It’s amazing how a game can influence a kid’s vision so much.

The best part about these games is they don’t show pop-up ads and irrelevant ads that impact kids negatively. These amazing games are free and can be played on even lower versions of desktops.

Games from Culinary Schools is here to meet your child’s need for business education while also allowing them to play. Even though the games are designed to instill an entrepreneurial mindset in your kids, adults interested in business can benefit from it as well. You and your child can experience real-world business scenarios and learn how to build a company from the ground up while having a lot of fun.


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