risk and return

Risk and Return

In finance, risk and return are highly related terms. They are most important topics that they form the foundation of modern finance. Every investment decision involves risk and return measurement and trade off. Risk is the probability of getting returns that are usually not expected and in some cases not getting returns at all.  By […]

scale up business

How to scale up your business amidst the talent war and fund crunch?

____________________________________________________________________________ If you want to scale up, the first thing you have to do is to expand your own team – Ruth Simmons (President of Prairie View A&M University) ____________________________________________________________________________ Have you utilized the funds’ full efficiency and created your mark? If you answered affirmatively thereto, the probabilities are, from humble beginnings, you have proved […]

ESG investment

China should Speed up Ecological Construction of ESG Investment

Under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, investment models based on environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) are accelerating to become the trend in the investment field. Facing such change, Chinese regulators and market participants, as participants in the financial sector and advocates of global environmental governance, will also need to handle this new trend […]

academic writing

What Is Involved With Academic Editing?

Academic writing is very important while writing papers for conferences, grants, publications, and reviewers, etc. Good-quality academic writing gives a very positive impression while facing editorial boards, journals, administrators, and even potential employers. Academic writing is a well structured, clear, concise, and focused document that is always supported by the facts. It helps readers to […]

procurement data analysis

How Advanced Data Analytics Helps Businesses in Procurement

Most procurement organizations dream about working in a technologically-rich environment where everything is automated, like requisition, purchase of goods/services, invoice creation and matching to payments. Advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, bots and analytics work in tandem and accelerate the work while improving the outcomes. But, gathering and maintaining sufficient data is a dream that […]

human resource

Human Resource Strategies for Successfully Growing a Business

Growing a business is exciting work. It entails discovering and/or creating fresh opportunities, tackling bigger challenges and introducing your business to a whole variety of new experiences. In fact, current shareholder expectations have made growth non-negotiable for all businesses today. So, while growth is clearly unavoidable, growing pains don’t have to be. One of the […]

Important Considerations When Issuing Corporate Cards
Business Featured

What To Consider When Giving Out Employee Corporate Credit Cards

Businesses must perform a wide range of maintenance tasks in addition to making purchases and transactions. With these expenses in mind, it is a smart idea for employers to issue corporate credit cards to their key employees. Issuing employee corporate credit cards will mean that your employees can initiate and complete certain transactions on behalf […]

In the Age of AI and Bots - Why Call Centres Still Matters
Productivity Technology

In the Age of AI and Bots Why Call Centers Still Matters?

Artificial intelligence and chatbots are gaining traction in many industries for the augmentation that it can bring to many of their processes, including customer service. These technological advancements promise to deliver faster customer service through a fully-automated process, which can yield higher profits for the business and are replacing call centers. The reason that AI […]