In the Age of AI and Bots Why Call Centers Still Matters?

Artificial intelligence and chatbots are gaining traction in many industries for the augmentation that it can bring to many of their processes, including customer service. These technological advancements promise to deliver faster customer service through a fully-automated process, which can yield higher profits for the business and are replacing call centers.

The reason that AI is gaining this much support in the customer service landscape now is the many perceived advantages it has over human handling. To successfully create a customer service department that can address the concerns of the customers effectively, a team needs to be trained especially for the job, which can take time and can cost a lot. Speaking skills, knowledge of protocol, and proper attitude are big factors for an effective customer service representative. Add to that the fact that there needs to be a top-notch technological backing – meaning that the customer service agent needs to have good access to call equipment.

Artificial intelligence and chatbots are thought of to be not requiring any training in this regard. As long as they are properly programmed on the basic responses and learn enough from interactions, they are good to go. After all, artificial intelligence, as the ability of a machine to emulate and simulate natural reasoning, which humans exhibit, is becoming more useful considering the fact that it’s becoming more common to contact businesses through the Internet rather than the usual telephone call. A good example of this lies with the iPhone feature Siri, which is designed to interpret and understand commands from speech like a human.

But the idea that AI is now the growing trend for businesses and their customer service, many are still frustrated on how these platforms impact their operations and budget, let alone the quality of service they provide their customers, due to the large margin of error that goes undocumented. People are still choosing to call and speak to an actual agent to ensure that they are being precisely understood.

When your business grows, the number of team members and clients increases. To improve the effective communication among them while taking care of their emotional part is important. Human to human interaction using business phone system to communicate clearly, concisely and for better problem solving approach, call centers are still relevant in the current business ecosystem.

In the age of artificial intelligence and chatbots, call centers still remain relevant, and for good reason. Learn more with this infographic by Global Outsourcing AU.


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