7 Attributes of a Great Business Leader

Business leaders play a significant role in the success of any business organization. Not only they instill trust and inspire teams in the organization, but they are also responsible for formulating and communicating new strategic directions on which to focus their work and resources.

It has always been referenced that a company – regardless of its size – is like an army; without a general, they are likely to lose every battle they will face. A business leader’s role in the company, first and foremost, is to inspire morale among the organization’s most precious asset: the employees. When the business leader can communicate clearly his or her vision, the harder their employees will work to get things done as their confidence in the business soars.

Business leaders are also responsible for ensuring that their workforce got every resource they need in order to perform efficiently. They ask their employees of the things that will help them deliver on their job better, then direct and follow on the procurement of the resources requested with no hesitation at all.

Although leadership has always been a core component of all business organizations, not all companies have the right systems and standards in place to address their leadership needs. In fact, Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2016 report found that 56% of business executives surveyed reported that their companies are not ready to meet leadership needs. What’s worse? Only 7% of companies said that their companies had initiated leadership programs for millennials.

This finding is in line with the HRPA report which found out that 63% of millennials feel that their leadership skills are not being developed. Because of this, a whopping 71% of those millennial employees said they would leave their job within two years just to remedy this lack of initiative from their current employer.

Indeed, leadership programs can help those with great potential to further hone their leadership skills. Therefore, if you want to be a great business leader but don’t have the skills nor the qualities, or if you want to be a business leader, rather than just being a business owner, investing in a business coaching program and management training can equip you with the knowledge and skills you need not only to survive but also grow in today’s ever-challenging business environment.

To help you get started, here are the key takeaways of the infographic from Business Coaches Sydney, which details the seven most important qualities that makes a successful business leader.

  1. They Are Great Communicators
  2. They Have Great Decision-Making Skills
  3. They See Setbacks as Motivation to Achieve More
  4. They Know How to Use Network Effectively
  5. They Don’t Settle on Their Comfort Zone
  6. They Keep Their Emotions In Check
  7. They Are Passionate About What They Do

If you do not have these qualities yet, fret not because you can learn them over time as you ride out the highs and lows of running a business. To learn more about these characteristics of a great business leader, check out the infographic below.

Business Leader
Business Leader


Garret is the founder and CEO of Business Coaches Sydney and through his company, remains dedicated as ever to use his training and real life business experience to meet his passion to see business succeed through disciplined management, creative marketing and committed client service.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this post. Spot on attributes of a great leader – it is really about getting as much leverage out of your environment as you possibly can (in a sustainable way). The key enabler to do that is passion! Please check out my thoughts on starting a business at thestartuplift.com

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