5 Best Finance Apps for Your Money Management

Running out of money without even realizing when did you spend so much? Find out the best finance and money management apps that can help you.

Most of the time people spend a lot more than what we have planned. This is because they don’t map out their expenses timely. If you are one of them, don’t worry! It is not just your problem but of too many. Thus, you need finance apps to do the best for you and manage your finances perfectly.

In this fast-growing world, spending money is made easy at the tap of a finger. Thus, before you even know, your bank balance becomes half of what it owned. So, to keep track and spend money rationally, there are abundant finance management apps to the rescue bringing a check to your finances from bookkeeping services to the personal finance. 

Why have finance apps become a necessity? It’s a common tendency of many people that as soon as they earn, they start spending, frantically. This makes them unwittingly spend on completely unnecessary things. Therefore, being in control of your finances is paramount. Hence, we have come up with five spectacular finance apps list that will help you to spend in control.

1. Mint 

Mint is a go-to finance mobile app for budgeting, as it’s an explicit example of what a personal finance app should be like. Firstly, you need to link bank account details to Mint, on which the app will safely sync all your transactions, bills, finances, and other required information. Moreover, you can also create a budgeting plan for how much you are supposed to spend. On the crossing of your self-set threshold, the app will automatically remind you of paying extra. It will also make you alert of the due dates of your crucial monthly payments beforehand. Free credit scores and monitoring also are a part of its facilities. As the app syncs all these pieces of information, thus it provides an insight into your payments and investments, giving you a scope to improve your finances.


This is a highly budgeting oriented finance app because of its four golden ideals; Rule 1, being “Give your dollar a job” determines you to prioritize your money as soon as you get it before unnecessarily spending it. Rule 2 is “Embrace your true expenses “makes you pay for bills that are your crucial monthly goals. Thirdly, “Roll with the Punches” encourages you to balance money from the overspending areas of your expenses. Fourthly, “Age your money” with the help of the other three ideals; you will be able to save your money and see it grow! With such rock-solid ideas, saving money is bound to happen. Moreover, the finance app also possesses all the other usual features.

3. Personal Capital

If you’re wondering how to use this finance app? Then don’t worry, all you need to do is link your bank account with it! It entails you to track your spending within your monthly budget planning. The app helps you in optimizing your investment. For example, thanks to a more accurate calculation of your investments and finances, you can easily calculate and see a bonus 20 euro or any other bonus for any investment or other financial transaction.  To conclude, it helps in giving the right direction to your finances. It’s a great finance app for small businesses.

4. Clarity Money 

Like, as most companies nowadays involve the subscription policy, and in the flow of that, we don’t keep track of what subscriptions we utilize in real. So this app keeps a watch on such unnecessary finances and gives us advice to cut them off. Moreover, this finance app monitors out budgeting behavior and provides a useful recommendation. It also encourages us to deposit our savings every day by attaching a meaningful goal to it.

5. Empower

This is one of the best finance apps as it is a storehouse of everything you need. It’s two main focuses are budgeting and saving out of it.  It will connect to your bank account, tracking your budgeting behavior. It will also enable you to set weekly targets, so that during the week whenever you cross the limit, it can alert you with it. You can also prioritize your money as you like.  Through its “AutoSave” feature, the app will save the money for you whenever possible. On accumulating extra savings, the finance app will move some money to emergency funds too. It also curbs the finances on unnecessary things, like an unused subscription.

With the help of so many finance and money management apps, many people have successfully got into the will to save and wisely use money. Hence, with so many customers adapting to this new mode of saving, we also wish you to utilize some of these finance apps! Don’t forget to share your money-saving experience with us.

Ellen Royce

Ellen Royce is an entrepreneur and a financial advisor with a passion for helping people develop successful side hustles. She knows the importance of smart money management firsthand, as the Coronavirus epidemic has had a devastating effect on several of her friend's businesses.

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