Author: Lisa Bigelow

Lisa Bigelow writes for Bold and is an award-winning content creator and mom who learned way too late how to save for college. In addition to, Lisa has contributed to Little Bundle, Finovate, Finance Buzz, Life and Money by Citi, MagnifyMoney, Well + Good, Smarter With Gartner, Popular Science, and Cadre Insights. She lives with her family in Connecticut.

Matt B. is a 17-year-old high school senior in a small town in southwest Connecticut. He spends many hours studying for the SAT and keeping up his grades, which he says are just good enough to keep his mom off his back and his prospects for college strong. Matt is also a recruited athlete and expects to “go D1” for track and field. But ask him what he’s excited about, and chances are he’ll tell you about his latest video edit. “It’s pretty cool,” says the aspiring digital creative. “I taught myself Adobe and started making short videos using sports…

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