Author: Sneha Mittal

A storyteller and an enthusiast marketer, Sneha Mittal is the marketing and customer service manager for SuperSaaS Appointment Scheduling Software, a scheduling system for businesses of all sizes. Sneha is a foodie and wanderluster who pens her thoughts on her blog Mr & Mrs Sachdeva. She specializes in marketing, business development, and productivity and helps entrepreneurs in growing their businesses.

Stuck in a meeting and frustratingly waiting for it to end. Yes, we’ve all been stuck in a bad meeting at one point in time or another. Many workplaces struggle with ineffective meetings which are often disorganized and have no clear purpose or direction. While it’s impossible to get rid of such frustrating meetings completely, it’s definitely possible to turn them into more productive meetings. A majority of the groundwork can be done before the meeting when you start scheduling them. In this post, we share the best practices you can follow when scheduling your meetings to increase your business…

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