6 Ways to Make Your Booth Stand Out at a Conference

Exhibiting at a regional or national conference is a great way to increase the visibility of your organization among a very targeted audience. However, walk any exhibition floor at a large conference, and you’ll see dozens of booths all vying for attendees’ attention. So how do you make your booth stand out from all the others? 

Try the six tactics below to make your booth the talk of your next trade show. 

1. Add Multimedia Elements to Your Display 

With the portability of technology and increased connectivity, it’s easier than ever to incorporate video, music and other technology into your booth. Consider putting together a video to highlight your production process, or piece together slides of digital photos to better detail your organization and your team. 

2. Include Lighting 

Most modern display booths have the ability to incorporate coordinated lighting of some kind. Whether it’s track lighting, recessed lighting or some other variety, it can provide a completely different look to your booth and really make your business stand out among the crowd. 

Many different booth vendors offer on-site lighting options, and you can sign up for electrical outlets when you register your booth for the conference.

3. Offer a Product Demonstration 

If your product lends itself to physical demonstrations, make sure you’re prepared to demo that product.

If the schedule allows it, set specific times for demonstrations to take place so that people will know when they can expect to see your product in action. Also, to combat the ambient noise on the showroom floor, make sure to rent or purchase a good personal microphone that will allow you to be easily heard. If your demo will involve excessive use of your hands, make sure to get a wireless microphone or headset. 

4. Enable On-Site Purchases or Contract Negotiations 

Make it a point to let attendees know that they can easily sign up for your products or services or negotiate a contract while at the conference. Make your booth a one-stop shop for everything they need. 

If customers are not ready to make a purchase in that short of time, assure them that trade-show pricing or negotiated rates will still be available for a short time following the show. Also, make sure they have an easy way to get back in touch with you once they’ve left the conference, so they can get answers to any lingering questions. To make it more comfortable for customers to speak with you and discuss business matters, make sure you’ve reserved a separate room for transactions or have part of your booth cordoned off for private meetings. 

5. Make Your Signage and Products Stand Out 

The signage for your booth is almost as important as the look and feel of your design. Make sure it’s easy for attendees to identify who you are and what you sell. Not all attendees will have the exhibition map on hand, and many may be relying on the different signage at each booth to find their way. 

Additionally, make sure anyone who works at your booth wears a name tag and has business cards to distribute. While it may seem a bit antiquated to use physical calling cards or business cards, it’s still the best way to keep your name and organization top of mind with booth visitors. 

6. Make Your Booth a Destination 

Offering an incentive for booth visitors is tricky. On one side of the spectrum, it gets your name and logo into the hands of attendees. On the other hand, today’s promo items can quickly become tomorrow’s garbage. 

But what about other incentives, like free Wi-Fi access or the ability to make video calls home to loved ones? Sweepstakes or drawings with premium prizes can also keep people coming back to your booth throughout the show. Get creative with incentives, but make sure that the promo item or service is in line with your brand and its offerings. 


Making your booth stand out at a conference is key to making a lasting impression on attendees. By following the steps outlined above and spending time to decide how you want your booth to function, you can create a unique and interactive experience that leaves a great and lasting impression on attendees.


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