Believing In Yourself For REAL This Time: A Practical Guide

You’ve heard it before. “Believe in yourself”.  Trust yourself first. All of that positive self-talk. It’s almost cliche, isn’t it?

There was that one time I went on this little show called “Shark Tank”.

Yep, you read that right! Now, here’s the thing: at the time I had no business being on a show like that. My company, FITzee Foods, had only just gotten started. At the time I didn’t even have any real-live products to show them (our protein bars were only cardboard prototypes at the time. Tasty, right?)

But I applied anyway. I got the support and the coaching I needed to show up, get in front of the sharks themselves, and make my pitch.

I was one of 146 people who pitched for season 4. Only 96 people got onto an episode that aired. I was not one of them.

Michelle at Shark Tank

But it was STILL the best experience of my life.

Now, what was the REAL reason I got as far as I did with that adventure? I believed in myself. I knew I had an amazing product and I wanted people to know about it. I didn’t care who told me what about my chances of making it onto the show. It didn’t matter to me how hard it might be.

So I stepped into the person I wanted to become. I believed in myself. Then I took action and made it happen.

That’s the key: you need to BE who you want to be. Step into that place. Then DO what you need to do by taking action. And then you will HAVE what you want. If you don’t believe in yourself first, nobody else will either. If you wouldn’t buy your own products and services with complete confidence, why would anyone else buy them from you?

So it really is where everything begins. But here’s the thing: It’s probably not something you’ve been taught. You probably didn’t learn it from your parents, your teachers, or your corporate bosses.

But learning it doesn’t have to be a struggle. In fact, mindset shifts can be just as easy to work into your day as a trip to the gym.

Big promises there, I know! But you can make it happen. You don’t have to do anything crazy, complicated, or time-consuming to turn your mindset from your biggest critic to your biggest fan.

Practice these simple steps with consistency and you will feel the difference. You’ll raise your vibration, shift your thinking, and eventually become your own biggest cheerleader.

So let’s get that mindset game ON and show the world just how amazing you are!

Step 1: Step Into The New You Right NOW! 

You know deep down that you’re a champion. It’s time to not only start acting like one but start talking to yourself like one.

If you want to have something new in your life, it’s essential to BECOME someone new first.

This is where the world tends to get it backwards. Sure, you have to take big action to make big changes. But before you can DO something amazing, you have to acknowledge that you can BE that superstar first. I know it sounds counterintuitive. But you have to start by stepping into the role of the superstar before anything else can shift. That’s the key: You need to BE who you want to be. Step into that place. Then DO what you need to do by taking action. And then you will HAVE what you want.

So consider this….

  • Who is it that you want to be? Write down exactly who you see yourself as in the world. Who do you dream about BEING?
  • If you were already that champion, how would you treat yourself? What sorts of things would you tell yourself throughout the day? What would you do and where would you go? What would your days be like? Write all of that down.
  • How can you start treating yourself like a champion TODAY? In what ways can you start treating yourself as though you’re already the YOU that you want to be? What can you do today to raise your vibe to match your inner superstar? Write it all down here!

Step 2: Take it from “I Wish” to “I Will” (With a HUGE Dose of Gratitude)

If you want to charge up your day, start changing your mindset.

Start by noticing everything in your life that you’re grateful for instead of everything that you don’t have. Focus on what you’re going to do rather than pining away for what you say you want to do. When you practice these two things consistently, it can actually affect your brain patterns and get your mindset working for you instead of constantly bringing you down. The second step is all about taking all of those old limiting beliefs and flipping them on their heads.

  • Remember what you’re grateful for today. First thing in the morning is a perfect time for this, but any time will do. Instead of focusing on everything that’s wrong, go with what is RIGHT. Write down at least 5-10 things that you’re grateful for in your life right now. It could be anything from a roof over your head to good health to that perfect parking spot you found at the mall. If it brings you joy and appreciation, write it down.
  • Move from “I want to” to “I’m GOING to”. All those things you dream about doing? It’s time to get real. What are the top 5 things you’ve been secretly dreaming about? Those things that you know you want more than anything but haven’t made it out of your head yet? Write them down. Only this time, take it beyond “I wish” and turn it into “I will”. So what are you GOING to do? Write down your top 5 right here:






Step 3: Turbo Charge Your Statements and Kick Start Your Life

This is where the affirmations come in. And they don’t have to be generic, boring, positive self-talk, either. Make them your OWN. Make them statements that really light you up, get you pumped, and rock your world.

It doesn’t matter to me what they are. Just as long as they raise your vibe and make you feel like the champion that you are. Make it something that motivates and inspires you. Maybe it’s something like “I can do anything I set my mind to” or “My new business is amazing and it is changing lives” or “I am changing the world with my message and my services”.

What resonates with YOU?

1)     Create your top 3 inspirational statements right here:




2)      Now hit the repeat button! This is the part where you repeat them to

yourself like clockwork. Say them to yourself throughout your day. Repeat them 50 to 100 times a day. When you’re at the gym. When you’re running errands. Before client calls. Set them up as reminders in your phone. Get them in front of you any way you can. But stay consistent. Repetition is the name of the game.

Here’s the thing about repeating affirmations: At first you might feel a little silly.  It might be hard to believe in what you’re telling yourself at first. That’s OK. Keep doing it anyway.

Even if what you’re telling yourself isn’t true TODAY, it will be eventually. It might not look like it’s happening yet. But you need to act like it is happening now. Put it in the present tense. And stay with it every day. You can write them down, set them as reminders in your environment, or say them out loud. Whatever works best for you. The important thing is receiving the message every single day.

ALL of these steps need to be repeated on a daily basis. It won’t work if you go at it with a hit-or-miss, once in awhile, or a “when I think of it” attitude.

But if you treat yourself like a champion, shift your perspective from “I wish” to “I will”, practice gratitude, and keep repeating your affirmations every day, things WILL shift. You will change your mindset. And from there you will change your business and your LIFE.


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