Business Leasing

Business leasing could be a great alternative to consider instead of purchasing. Your business can use business leasing to lease equipment, supplies, buildings, and many other things. Business leasing provides greater flexibility, easier qualifying, cash flow conservation, and many tax advantages compared to purchasing outright. There are several types of lease programs to choose from.

Your Options for business leasing:

Lease Line of Credit: Lease lines of credit are used for businesses that continually acquire new equipment. A lease line of credit allows you to avoid a new application for the piece of equipment you need.

Operating Lease: Operating leases have terms that are shorter than the useful life of the equipment. This allows you to stay ahead of equipment obsolescence. An operating lease is normally an expense item on your financial statements.

Finance Lease: Finance leases have longer terms that normally cover the useful life of the equipment and typically have a $1.00 buyout option at the lease end. Longer-term means a lower payment.

Sale-Leaseback: Sell the equipment you currently own and then lease it back, which provides you with working capital.

If you have never considered leasing before, you might want to take a closer look at it. Leasing equipment is great for businesses that are low on capital or who need to upgrade their equipment every few years.


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