Can you Recycle Laminated Paper? The Answer Might Surprise You

Most of us are probably aware by now that you can’t recycle laminated paper. But you might be interested to know that there is a way you can recycle laminated paper if you’re looking for a way to dispose of this material responsibly. After all, many people throw out laminated papers with general rubbish because they believe it isn’t recyclable. So why not find out if that’s actually true? Here’s everything you need to know about recycling laminated paper.

What is laminated paper?

Laminated paper is a type of paper that is used in many different types of books, magazines, and other paper products. This type of paper used a laminator machine to bond a layer of plastic over the paper to make it more durable and waterproof. As a result, there can be a decrease in the amount of paper wasted because laminated paper can outlast regular paper. The plastic layer that is used to laminate paper can also be made out of many different types of plastic, depending on the product, and most laminated materials are not recyclable. 

Why is it difficult to recycle laminated paper?

There are many reasons why it can be difficult to recycle laminated paper. For one thing, laminated paper is securely bonded with regular paper, so it isn’t easy to separate paper from plastic. And because of this, you can’t easily recycle them using the same method that other types of paper are recycled in. 

Paper recycling mills usually have special machines that can separate different types of paper and process them. And as a result, the plastic-containing laminated paper cannot be processed in the same manner as regular paper because it may contaminate the rest of the paper to be recycled. 

The good news about laminated paper recycling

Despite the aforementioned difficulties and objections to recycling laminated paper, some paper recycling companies can recycle your laminated waste. The majority of recycling is done with the aid of specialized equipment that recycles both plastic and paper while separating them from one another. Once processed, recycled laminated papers are used to make many paper products, which can also be disposed of along with your regular paper.  

What happens to recycled laminated paper?

When you purchase recycled paper, you might be surprised at what happens to it next. Many people assume that all recycled papers, including laminated paper, are just thrown away after use, but almost all papers you get from recycling centers are re-processed and reused. 

So when you dispose of used recycled paper in the recycling bin, it is coming back to the paper manufacturing process all over again. Modern paper manufacturing plants take recycled paper and use it to make new paper products, including cardboard boxes, paper napkins and so on. The same goes for recycled laminated paper. 

Tips for recycling laminated paper

While there are a few specialist companies that can recycle laminated paper, most recycling paper mills don’t. But there are plenty of other alternatives to recycling laminated paper, including reusing them by crafting other materials such as coasters, table mats, book covers, etc. Reusing laminated paper for DIY projects is not only going to help you reduce your waste, but it can also be a fun and creative way of recycling laminated paper materials. 

Do make sure to separate any laminated paper from the rest of the paper and place it in the designated bin beforehand. This will make recycling laminated paper simpler for you, whether you intend to reuse them or send them to a facility that recycles laminated waste. 

To sum it up

If you are wondering if you can recycle laminated paper, you can rest assured knowing there is a way. Recycling laminated paper is possible, though it requires a special process to separate the plastic lamination from the paper. Numerous cities and towns have special recycling facilities for handling laminated paper, in addition to companies like TerraCycle that can recycle laminated paper waste. Additionally, laminated paper can be upcycled for various uses like making crafts, placemats, and table protectors. It’s important to remember that although laminated paper is difficult to recycle, it can still be reused in multiple ways.


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