Why Should You Choose Sustainable Packaging?

Packaging choices play a vital role in the environment. While most businesses neglect to be good stewards of the planet due to wrong alternatives, you can pick sustainable materials instead of packing your goods.

So, this article discusses how sustainable packaging helps nature in the long run. It is not new for humans to take action for the sake of the environment in terms of green packaging solutions. The truth is, the earth is now tasting the consequences of the bad habits toward the environment. And it is very alarming.

What is Sustainable Packaging?

Climate change is getting worse year after year. However, there are possible ways to hinder unwanted scenarios, like severe floods aside from tree planting. The most common example is the application of sustainable packaging.

Both small and large companies had a plan to enhance sustainability in the business world. It has to reduce the number of waste due to goods packaging. Non-recyclable materials may overpopulate landfills in a short period and so emit greenhouse gasses that are dangerous to the environment. It also has an impact on human overall health.

Therefore, experts find a solution such as reusable packages to balance the ecosystem. Such a material has a lesser impact on the environment over time.

The Life Cycle of Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging is carefully analyzed by the experts from creation to decaying process. It becomes more eco-conscious to ship goods using sustainable packages. The goal is to minimize your carbon footprint with your shipment process.

The materials used are subject to recycling throughout their lifespan. It additionally depends on the packaging type on how fast the material decomposes.

Three Main Categories of Sustainable Packaging

1. Recyclable

Looking around the marketplace, recyclable materials could be the most common packaging type. It includes cardboard boxes with paper void fill on which buyers can recycle the box instead of throwing it into the bin.

Cardboard boxes are also easy to decompose without even putting them in a landfill. It then prevents increasing the chance of methane gas formation. Thus, an eco-friendly choice of packaging.

2. Reusable

This category may apply to selected businesses only though it is widely available. For example, it is ideal for milk selling companies wherein bottles are used for packaging. In addition to that, it aims to eliminate eco waste.

Reusable packaging has to consider a lot of things like the complexity of the shipment process. It is riskier to ship goods using a fragile container thus return options must be added.

Its difference from recyclable options is they cannot be discarded completely. However, it is cost-efficient and can last longer.

3. Compostable

One of the benefits of compostable packaging is to save Mother Earth from too much waste. It speeds up the decaying process of wastes compared to recyclable choices.

There are two types of compostable packaging, materials that can decay at home or commercially. The latter will demand the use of waste systems provided in some cities to properly decompose the packaging. While, if there is a compost heap in your backyard, you can choose to decompose the material at home.

Different Types of Sustainable Packaging

Here are some kinds of packaging that are beneficial to the environment you should consider:

1. Cardboard Boxes

90% of products in the US are shipped using a cardboard box. It is reusable and can contain either a single or multiple products in one shipment. Plus, cardboard boxes are affordable and highly sustainable.

Cardboards are made of 100% recycled paper. Its form will last longer and can be reused more than 20 times before throwing it into the bin. It can also decompose naturally.

2. Paper

This material is often used to fill the voids inside a recycled box. It is to prevent the breakage of any fragile items that must be shipped out. It is scattered around the item like cushion balls for added protection. The packaging type is sometimes used to cover delicate items as well and then with a bubble wrap. It is also reusable and easy to decompose.

3. Plastic Totes

This one is a bit expensive compared to the prior packaging options but highly sustainable. It is most suitable for businesses that deliver bulkier products with a return system. It is also ideal for companies that have distribution centers locally and globally.

4. Void Fill Materials

Filling the spaces inside the box is necessary to avoid possible breakage among the items. Thus, it is best to consider materials, such as packing peanuts and popcorn to fill those voids. Both materials are eco-friendly and easily compostable. Nonetheless, they are not edible but only work to protect the goods.

5. Mailers

Here is another compostable packaging material that you can consider. It is labeled as home or commercially compostable to avoid confusion. They vary in material, either recycled paper or renewable plant material.

Best Recommended Plastic Manufacturer For Your Business

Australia’s leading plastic manufacturers have innovative ideas on how to sustain the environment through packaging products. They work with a wide range of industries that supply goods requiring quality packaging. The company is HACCP certified to ensure better safety for all the products. Furthermore, they use plastic materials to deliver more durable and recyclable packaging items.

Final Thoughts

To summarize everything, sustainable packaging is a helpful tool to escape from the destructive effects of climate change. It reduces waste caused by item shipments globally and also supports cost-effectiveness for most businesses. There are a lot of reasons why it is best to choose sustainable packaging over non-reusable options. The market also provides many packaging choices to pick from.


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