Essential Receptionist Skills Your Company Cannot Afford To Be Without

The receptionist is without doubt one the most important positions for every business, as this is very much the front line for all business enquiries. Improper call handling can have serious consequences for any business – a potential client could be lost through an impolite telephone response – and the worst thing about this is you would never really know the extent of the losses. Let’s take a closer look at the role of a front desk receptionist.

Answering Incoming Calls

This is by far the most important of all reception tasks and without professional call handling, you run the risk of losing potential business. The caller expects to be treated in a courteous and professional manner and without a professional receptionist manning the phones, this is unlikely to happen. If your business is based in Australia, Office HQ virtual receptionist services are available at a very affordable cost, and with tailored packages to suit every business, you can have all your incoming calls professionally handled.

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Working Under Pressure

One of the main qualities of a professional receptionist is the ability to work under pressure, and all virtual receptionists are qualified and experienced. Fully briefed on their clients’ businesses, the remotely located receptionist is capable of dealing with any situation – especially when dealing with an unhappy caller – which can often occur.

For further reading on the many roles of a receptionist, there are informative articles you can find online that outline the daily tasks for such a position.

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Scripted Greetings

We all have our own script when receiving business calls and the beauty of using a call handling provider is you can create your very own script that the receptionist will follow. As far as the caller is concerned, the receptionist is working in your office and such is the range of services they offer, you can be sure that messages reach the right people in a timely manner. 

Dealing With Issues

This is perhaps the most important skill that your receptionist should have, and in the event a caller has a problem, you want to be sure that your receptionist takes appropriate action. This is why you absolutely must have a professional manning your phone lines and with the virtual receptionist provider, you can tailor the service to suit your business. Having a professional receptionist answer all your incoming calls has never been so affordable, and if you would like to explore the potential of such a service, talk to a call handling provider that covers your area and you might be surprised at how affordable it actually is.

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Message Taking

This is another vital role of the receptionist, which ensures that the right people are informed, and this service is provided by the call handling provider. Once the virtual receptionist is fully briefed, she can pass on messages to the relevant parties using the medium of your choosing, which ensures the smooth running of your business.

If you would like to discuss your business needs with a call handling provider, all it takes is a Google search and once you have made that initial contact, you might be surprised at how many services they offer. Tailoring the service to suit your business will ensure that you only pay for the services you need, and as the provider has many clients, they can afford to be very competitive.


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  1. Thank you for this very much interesting article.
    Receptionists’ ablities to communicate to stakeholders (specifically to demanding) can be critical for a company’s reputation. Therefore a company has to choose really carefully which person is indeed suitable for this position, although the position seems to be low, yet it is important. The loss of reputation and a bad “word of mouth”, could likely cause a loss of revenue in the long term.

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