4 Reasons Why You Should Send Handwritten Notes

Every business and individual has accepted technology at such a quick pace that it is nearly impossible to picture living without it. It’s challenging to stand out in a fast-paced world with so many enterprises, both established and new. However, in this blog, we’ll look at how simply sending handwritten notes can strengthen your professional or personal relationships.

Four Reasons You Should Start Sending Hand Written Notes

Digital channels have now taken over as a primary mode of communication. Whether you text by email, social media, or phone number, handwritten letters provide a more personal and emotional touch. Furthermore, if you use digital texts to mass communicate, there is only a 10% to 20% chance that people will read them. Handwritten notes, on the other hand, have a nearly 90% probability of being benignly opened because they are unique.

Handwritten Notes connect people differently

Consider this scenario: you place an order and receive an email that says, “Thank you for purchasing with us.” Isn’t that normal? Consider what would happen if you placed an order and it arrived in good packaging with a note that reads, “Thank you [your name], for purchasing with us.” “Have a wonderful day”. This will make you happy, right? You could even post about it on social media. This is how things connect, and a little handwritten message may have a significant impression on your business.

Handwritten notes work like Gems

Do you recall the last time you wrote someone a handwritten message, perhaps back in high school? Handwritten notes have become so diluted in the age of email that just a few firms or individuals utilize them. When you send someone a handwritten message, they appreciate the fact that you took the time to properly contact them. This add-on makes handwritten notes shine like diamonds.

Handwritten notes don’t stay in the Trash box

People are intelligent. They understand how simple it is to create and distribute mass emails. It’s simple, practically everyone does it, and it’s all over the place. As a result, the majority of email advertising or product-related emails end up in your spam folder.

Most individuals preserve handwritten messages as mementos because they demonstrate- you care. They’re not thrown because they’re valued. It works in the same way as receiving a gift.

Happiness lies in small things

There are many people who believe that small things are important. It matters whether it’s in your personal life or in your professional life. Whether you send a handwritten thank you card to a customer, or congratulate your coworkers on promotion with a handwritten note, or even wish your closest friend a happy birthday in a written note, they will treasure them since it makes them happy.

Handwritten notes are easy, inexpensive, and valuable. And, despite the time and work required, sending to a few people is achievable. But what about sending it to a broader audience? Isn’t it going to cost you time and effort that you could have used elsewhere?

This is when business-like Handwrytten enters the picture. They are well aware of the obstacles that prevent you from sending mass handwritten messages. Your time and work are much appreciated. Not only can Handwrytten assist you in sending handwritten notes in bulk, but they also send Thank You Notes in a variety of cultures. That distinguishes their notes from the rest.

We were actually surprised when one of our Indian friends received a handwritten letter saying “Dhanyabad” in Hindi when his package was delivered here. And when we talked about it, we discovered that Handwrytten delivers Thank You Notes in a variety of languages, so that everyone receiving the note in their native language can feel good about it. Since it was because of the handwritten notes, we talked about it, and we felt connected.

What a difference a small handwritten message can make. Now that you’ve finished reading this, why don’t you try writing a lovely note and sending it to your loved ones to see how they react? In any case, there is fierce competition among businesses, and sending your consumers, clients, or even staff can significantly improve your company’s performance.


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