Merger and Acquisition Financing

Merger and acquisition funding at a competitive rate requires a properly structured transaction. Financing for such scenarios comes in a variety of alternatives.

These financing alternatives include:

  • New private equity placement
  • Sale-leaseback vehicles
  • Bridge or term loans
  • Other mezzanine-type products
  • Revolving lines of credit

The advantages of growing through acquisition

  • Key personnel acquired
  • Increased purchasing power
  • Greater geographic reach
  • Expanded product lines
  • Heighten industry recognition
  • Increased customer base
  • Reduction in overhead

Merger and acquisition financing requires you to work closely with:

  • Private equity investors
  • Investment bankers
  • Commercial Lenders

All of whom help produce the results that will lead you through the maze of corporate funding alternatives. In order to finance the assets and cash flow of the merger or acquisition at a competitive rate, you will need to properly structure the transaction by using leveraged financing.

Merger and acquisition financing alternatives

  • Revolving lines of credit
  • New private equity placement
  • Equipment leases or sale-leasebacks
  • Bridge or term loans
  • Commercial real estate loans


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