Merger Financing

Merger financing enables the combination of two quality companies.

Merger financing is a necessity when two companies want to join forces and form a much larger company. This financing is also used when a company wants to completely buy out another business. The financials of the merger need to make sense, so having a good plan of how the merger will improve the business will get you in the right direction to obtaining the financing needed. 

Merger financing will require that you work closely with:

• Private equity investors
• Investment bankers
• Commercial Lenders

We have a free business capital directory that has over 4,000 sources of financing for your business including banks, other lenders, and investors. You can tell us a little bit about your business, and what the financing is needed for and we can help you connect with the right people that can give you the capital you need to possibly complete a merger.

Merger financing alternatives

• Revolving lines of credit
• New private equity placement
• Equipment leases or sale-leasebacks
• Bridge or term loans
• Commercial real estate loans

Now that you know a little bit about merger financing, and you know where you can get in touch with lenders and investors, the next step is to make sure you have a well-thought-out plan prepared for the lending institution or the individual investor that will be giving you the money.


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