8 Questions to ask before buying a car

Buying a car comes with great stress and hassle. Before you go straight to the dealer, there are a few things you might want to ask yourself to be prepared. After all, it’s a big investment in your life, probably the second big after buying a home.

There are different questions to ask depending on whether you choose to buy a used car or a new one?

We will be talking about questions you can ask in general before buying a car for this blog.

1. Would you want a used car or a new car?

Depending upon which car you buy, it affects a lot on your finances. From worrying about the car history of used cars to exploring the features of a brand new car- it all depends on what you want?

Also, if you are buying a used car, you buy its history. You can check the report and documents of the car before purchasing to have a certain idea of how the car is.

If the car is new, then everything about the car is new. Along with having first-hand experience with the car, you also have the newest experience for everything.

2. How much cash flow are you left after buying a car?

Calculating your cash flow is essential, but it isn’t noticed often. You don’t want to spend all your life savings when buying a car. You should always calculate if you had enough cash flow or not? It’s essential to remember that you should have sufficient cash flow left after purchasing a car.

3. Are you taking the car on finance or with total cash?

Most people who choose to purchase a new car are likely to finance their car purchase. If you are planning the same, there are a few things you should always plan. 

Firstly, always decide the amount you plan to pay as an installment. Secondly, find out the monthly installment amount. It’s essential to know if you can afford to pay or not every month.

You can also try the CarPaymentCalculator.net to manage your budget and slightly understand how much things can cost. Here you can calculate your monthly auto loan payments as well as calculate loan size using your monthly budget.

It’s no doubt the rise in gas or fuel price has made everyone rethink purchasing an EV even more with the popularity of Tesla. So, when you decide to buy a car, consider your choices on EV and ICEV. 

4. Want several options – Contact multiple dealerships

Are you thinking about contacting your nearest dealership? Try contacting other dealerships near your neighborhood. Usually, they are on sale, and you can also negotiate amounts by comparing different rates. 

5. Do you want an EV or an ICEV?

It’s no doubt the rise in gas or fuel price has made everyone rethink purchasing an EV even more with the popularity of Tesla. So, when you decide to buy a car, consider your choices on EV and ICEV. 

6. How long do you plan to use the car?

Whether you plan to use the car for a few years and switch to another or use the same until the car breaks down completely can change your options on choosing a vehicle before purchasing. So, consider questioning yourself this question before buying a car to make better decisions.

7. Is your car available for a trade?

A trade-in is included in almost one-quarter of all vehicle transactions, but dealers aren’t always interested in taking your car on trade. Perhaps it has seen better days, or it is too old to qualify for financing. However, if you already own a car, especially if you’re still making payments, you don’t want to have two cars simultaneously. A trade-in allows you to move cars without having to sell yours privately.

8. Have you listed down the features you might require? 

Buying a car is a one-time decision for many people. While you manage the finance and the brands, have you listed the features you might need in your car? If your answer is no, this is the sign you should list down the required features on your car. 

Also, while you list down features, don’t forget to ask your dealer if you will get the whole package of features in your car or if you have to pay for them individually.

If you have any more doubts about your decisions before purchasing a car, we hope we have given you a few ideas about the questions to ask before buying a car.


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