Real Estate Sale and Leaseback

Real estate sale and leaseback is an excellent financing method increasing in popularity.

Real estate sale and leaseback financing allow your business to get instant access to working capital while saving money on taxes at the same time. Your business would sell its commercial property for regular fair market value and then immediately leaseback the property. Your business gets the equity because you will get 100% of the full market value at the time of sale. That equity can be invested in your business.

With a real estate sale and leaseback you can improve the balance sheet as well. You also save money on taxes because the lease enables you to write off a good portion of the monthly payments. The other benefit to this sort of transaction is that you get lower monthly payments with terms of up to 25 years. You can sometimes save money on monthly payments as well giving you even more capital to work with.

There is a variety of other financing options available to your business including regular business loans, merchant account advances, receivables factoring, Small Business Administration (SBA) approved loans, and private investors.


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