SCOR (Small Corporate Offering Registration)

SCOR is the Small Corporate Offering Registration.

SCOR allows small businesses the opportunity to go public with their business. It also enables them to avoid the legal costs and regulations associated with going public. This can be a tremendous opportunity for a small business to get financed.

With a SCOR offering, a company can advertise to investors and sell their securities to any interested party. Each year up to $1 million can be raised with this option. The securities are sold ‘over-the-counter’, and are not sold via an exchange of any sort. The trades are made directly by brokers or dealers either online or via telephone.

It can still be difficult to get your business financed in this way, so don’t depend 100 percent on this for the financing needs for your business. You should keep your options open and consider small business loans, accounts receivable factoring, venture capital, angel investors, business credit cards, and a variety of other options available to businesses. To increase your chances of obtaining additional financing you should work hard to separate your personal credit from your business credit. These are two totally separate things, and a lot of business owners don’t realize that. 


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