7 Expert Tips to Make Your Store More Spacious

A spacious store is inviting to customers. A store should be spacious enough that customers feel invited and inspired to come in and explore your products. This is not an easy feat. This is why it’s best to work with experts who can help you figure out ways to make your store spacious and engaging. The good news is, there are things that you could do now that can easily make your store look more spacious. We want to help you so we talked to experts and asked for tips on how to make your store more spacious. Read on, learn, and duly apply.

Tips to Make Your Store More Spacious

7 Expert Tips that You can Apply Now to Make Your Store More Spacious

Expert Tip #1: Layout is Everything

You should always have a clear layout in mind. Such a layout should make it easy for your customers to look for stuff and engage with your other products. The last thing that you would want is to have your customers confused and overwhelmed with having to go over aisles and piles of products for what they need. Never waste the time of your customers. The following are superb layouts that you can consider for your store:

1. Diagonal Floor Plan – this plan can allow you and your staff to easily monitor the needs of your customers. Here, the shelves are positioned diagonally.

2. Straight Floor Plan – this layout is ideal for retail stores. It has a neat and organized feel. 

3. Geometric Floor Plan – this plan is perfect if you’re selling accessories and clothes. This adds so much character to a store. 

4. Angular Floor Plan – this layout will easily make your store feel luxurious and expensive. Perfect angling will allow you to excellently showcase your products.

5. Mixed Floor Plan – this layout combines different design aspects like angles, shapes, and shapes. This is perfect if you want variety in your design. 

Expert Tip #2: Categorize

An organized space will always feel spacious. That is why it’s important for you to have an organized store. To ensure that your store is always organized, you should categorize. Categorizing products is very simple because you simply need to group all products in such a way that customers will find it easy to look for them. Categorizing will make it easy for your customers to get what they need and they will love your store for it. Categorizing strategically will also allow you to advertise other products that go well with products that your customers are after. Group the following products:

1. Bread and bread spread

2. Cereals and milk

3. Salty snacks and drinks

4. Pasta and sauce

Tips to Make Your Store More Spacious

Expert Tip #3: Have Stations

Your store should have stations for different things. Use such stations to create an inviting, engaging, and warm atmosphere that would make your customers feel welcomed and relaxed. Stations for free food tasting are best if you want to make your store less intimidating. Free food tasting stations will also invite your customers to explore and check out products that they normally wouldn’t notice. If you want to go all out in having stations in your store, you should work with an experienced shopfitting company that can come up with unique station concepts that fit your store. If you’re looking for a shopfitting company in Melbourne, you should consider working with 360 Shopfitters. 360 Shopfitters is a leading shopfitting company that is highly trusted by Melbourne business owners.

Expert Tip #4: Go Big on Lighting

Lighting can make or break the overall feel and aesthetic of your store. With the right one, your store would instantly look bigger without having to physically expand. Always remember that well-lighted products always appear more appetizing. Utilizing the following different lights for your store:

1. Decorative lights – using decorative lights will allow you to personalize your store. It will also make your store appear more modern. 

2. Task lights – they are best for stores with limited space. They are highly versatile and come in different styles, colors, and designs.

3. Accent lights – these lights will free up your ceiling space. They will allow you to properly showcase your products.

4. Ambient lights – your store’s main light. Choose one that can effectively guide your customers to see your products. 

Expert Tip #5: Choose Your Tiles Wisely

Tile choice is important if you want to fully optimize your store space. To make your store look bigger, choose bigger tiles with light colors. For a wider feel, choose plain tiles that will not make your floor look busy. Match your tiles with your fixtures. 

Expert Tip #6: Use Your Walls

Your walls should always be fully optimized. Never leave them blank and dull. They should be fully functional as well. Walls are perfect for extra storage so you should never miss a chance to use them. Optimize your walls by doing the following:

1. Invisible shelves – these shelves will always give a modern and upbeat feel. They’re perfect for the display of shampoos, lotions, and bathroom essentials. They can also be used for decorative purposes.

2. Wooden crates – these shelves give off a neat and chic appeal. They come in different styles and sizes so you’d have so much fun exploring your design options. 

3. Hanging shelves – best if you want to add more color to your space. They also work well if you want to highlight particular products. 

Expert Tip #7: Work with Mirrors

Mirrors will never fail in making any space look bigger. They are so effective in optimizing small spaces so they are a staple in any designer’s playbook. Try the following mirror placements for your store:

1. Hallway mirrors – will brighten up any small space

2. Horizontal mirror strips – highly decorative and best for small spaces3. Floor to ceiling – will boost your store’s lighting and make your space look more appealing


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