What is responsive web design?

Do you own multiple devices that you use to access the internet? Sometimes I want to check something on a website but realize I left my laptop back in the house. Rather than going back for it, I simply take out my smartphone and use it to get online and check the website. If my smartphone’s battery is low, I always have my tablet with me in case. 

Well, have you ever wondered how this is possible? How are you able to open website pages on different devices of various sizes and screens? To put it plain and simple, this is the power of responsive website design. Digital businesses strive on creating responsive web design. This type of web design is to increase conversion rate and decrease the bounce rate of a website. 

Accessibility on all devices such as smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop is a must. This will deliver better results for a business. Then comes the question, what is the meaning of responsive website design?

Simplifying responsive website design

Responsive website design is an approach where a web designer creates web pages that display on all devices and screen sizes. 

This is through automatically resizing or adapting to the screen of the device. It could be a desktop, laptop, or smaller mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.  Thus, a responsive design means a website can fit into the screen of any kind of device used to access the internet. The eCommerce platform in Singapore is constantly growing. Maintaining a responsive web design is the one of the keys to success in the eCommerce industry. 

With that said, you can have a responsive website design, but if the user experience is not positive, then you’re only taking two steps backwards. Thus, what does this mean? It is vital that all contents of the website should be clear and readable. Hiring a digital marketing consultant in Singapore can help guide you through this. Blurred images and unreadable texts will make the users’ first impression of the website a negative one. Everything should be perfect on all the devices, and that’s the case. 

Do you think responsive web design is important? Well, the eCommerce website owners know too well the benefits they are likely to reap. A great and responsive website is a good representation of a brand. It puts the business in good light, and the site visitors will surely appreciate the spectacular browsing experience. For that reason, they will keep coming back. If you are in need of a change, research into eCommerce website design in Singapore to get a better understanding. There are many digital marketing consultant in Singapore firms such as Digital Solutions,  that will provide you with more information.

How it works?

Think of the number of people in the world who own smartphones, tablets, and other small mobile devices. There are billions of people across the world. This means smaller screens are increasingly  used to view website pages. People spend more time on their mobile computing devices than they would on a desktop.

I have heard people ask why there is so much hype about the importance of responsive website design? Picture this; when browsing through web pages, you come across a site with a product you are interested in. However, you realize the images are blurry and cut off.  The text on the page is so stretched that you must scroll horizontally to view the content, which is something you find quite annoying. What do you do in such a situation? Know that the majority of the viewers will not bother to look at anything else on that site.  Well, that’s how you lose thousands of your potential buyers.

Recently, Google announced that any of the websites which are not mobile-friendly will have decreased search results visibility.  This move was prompted by the fact that many of the users report a poor experience from the websites which are not responsive.  Keep in mind, if you cannot rank well in search engines such as Google, your eCommerce business is likely to suffer. More than 50% of online traffic comes from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Website owners spend a lot of money on website designs that do not noticeably help to drive sales for the business. Some don’t realize that a responsive website can be part of their digital marketing strategy. Any eCommerce website design consultant will tell you that a functional website in every device is a major determinant to the success of many online businesses.


In the modern world we live in today, the number of people who actually get information from desktops is decreasing day by day. This proves the magnitude of having a responsive website, especially for eCommerce purposes. Digital marketing consultants in Singapore, such as us at Digital Solutions, can provide you with the qualities of responsive web design. 


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