What is Unsecured Business Loan?

An unsecured business loan is one that does not require collateral but is issued on the basis of the borrower’s creditworthiness. That means there is no house or car to lose if the business tanks. However, lenders know this too, and because they have to take on that greater risk, they charge higher interest rates than small business loans in order to hedge their bets. Borrowers should be prepared for hefty fees and rates.

Unsecured loans come in many forms and with several different names. Payday loans, personal loans, merchant cash advances, working capital loans and corporate bonds are all types of unsecured business loans. They can have a fixed interest rate and firm pay-off dates or could have variable interest rates and take the shape of a revolving line of credit.

Why do people seek unsecured loans?

When starting a business, entrepreneurs will generally look everywhere and anywhere for funding. Families and friends get tapped, and credit cards are maxed out. Traditional small business loans can be difficult for newcomers to secure. Plus, the idea of having to pledge their own assets like their houses or cars is a scary thought for many new business owners. Many entrepreneurs turn to unsecured business loans for financing help at this point.

Who can get an unsecured loan?

The biggest key to obtaining an unsecured loan is to have good credit. That includes having a history of timely payments on things like mortgage bills and car payments. It also means keeping balances low on credit cards and other open credit accounts. Additionally, opening or closing too many credit or bank accounts can trigger drops in credit score. And of course, part of a credit score is made up of how long you have had a credit report, so those who have only been using credit for a short amount of time are likely to have lower scores than those who have been managing credit wisely for years. Lining up all the credit ducks in a row is essential to qualifying for a business loan.

As long as business owners are willing to pay a higher interest rate, unsecured business loans can give their companies a big financial boost.


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