Why you need to have print collateral management?

Have you considered the adequacy of your company’s print collateral management? Do you even know what this means? Smaller companies, and start-ups in particular, often underestimate the need to have 24/7 control over their printing inventory. The following discusses the many reasons why proactive planning will negate unwanted circumstances later down the line.

Print Collateral Management Defined

Let’s first understand exactly what print collateral management is. Sometimes known as web to print, the concept is all about having a central location to manage and control all of your printing assets. This is achieved with advanced print management software, allowing you to easily implement complete inventory management and warehousing.

Advantages of such a system include:

  • Monitor real-time stock levels
  • Send stock to multiple delivery points
  • Control from any location or device (or multiple devices)
  • Personalise and print assets on demand
  • Download required copies via PDF
  • A full history of ordering and printing use at your fingertips

Quite simply, print collateral management is a dynamic facility that allows for full control of every aspect of your printing assets.

Who Needs Print Collateral Management?

Considering your current and future printing needs might not be at the top of your list of priorities. But it certainly shouldn’t be forgotten. Failing to address this crucial company element can lead to a variety of issues, including:

  • Lack of materials when needed
  • Outdated assets
  • Inconsistencies in branding or even regulatory compliance issues
  • Excessive waste
  • Increased costs

All of these directly impact the smooth running of a company and, in certain scenarios, cause significant damage to a printing asset budget. In certain situations, such as during a period of rapid growth – something every business owner aspires to – such problems can quickly magnify. It’s not only the physical assets that represent cost, so too do unnecessary man-hours. What should be a simplified process of a well-managed print inventory and warehousing system can easily become a logistical nightmare without quality organization and pre-planning.

Advanced Online Print Management Software for Next-Level Inventory Management

The ability to manage and track every aspect of print assets isn’t only convenient, it’s massively cost-effective. In a world where every company has a responsibility to eliminate waste and determine eco-friendly practices, both too much and too little ordering are detrimental to performance.

In what’s meant to be an increasingly paper-free world, it’s more important than ever to have a real-time overview and full control over every aspect of your print inventory and warehousing.

Ordering exactly what you need, when you need it, without the worry of running out or over-production is the future of effective print management. No need to estimate what’s required or printing those just-in-case copies. Simply print on demand as and when you need it. Make ad hoc changes if necessary, download via PDF, personalize content as required and have a complete history of exactly what’s used and the location of printing.

An Innovative Inventory and Warehouse Management Solution from CrystalPack

Leading Perth packaging company, CrystalPack, brings the ultimate in advanced online print management software. Designed specifically to allow companies to retain control of a printing budget, as well as tracking the return on investment, their dynamic print collateral management system is a proactive method of driving down costs and improving every aspect of paper management.

Discover the multiple advantages of streamlining your stock control with the ultimate in print collateral management – visit www.crystalpack.com.au


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