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The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically affected the world’s economy as people struggle to adjust to the current and forthcoming economic impacts. For as long as this crisis persists, it’s highly likely that businesses will fail to resume for long. Furthermore, even the consumption rate is being significantly affected since consumers cannot go shopping freely.

So, what do we expect to see? The focus is now drawn to online marketing platforms. Despite the current situation, the online marketing space is an excellent opportunity for people to start a business home. While Work-From-Home(WFH) is already trending in different job categories, entrepreneurs are also seeking for work from home business ideas to blend up with this socio-economic shift.

Work-from-home jobs and business ideas are such sweet spots where everybody is attracted but the competition is so high with millions of people on the internet. A bit of entrepreneurial touch is needed to be different and establish a unique selling point that offers value to the customers.

Do you wish to start an online-based business but don’t know how? Read on to find out some great online business ideas that you can work from home and all you need to start.

1. Start an Online consultancy business.

Even when quarantine is over, not everyone will still embrace the idea of getting into a classroom. Besides, many people are willing to learn new skills during the lockdown. Setting up an online consultancy business is relatively easy.

All you need is an online presence and a home-based office structure. For instance, you should have musical instruments for a music class, drawing tools for art classes, cooking ingredients for catering lessons, etc.

2. Start Online tutoring classes

About 1.76 billion students have felt the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. According to experts, about 99.4% of this population is suffering because of the widespread closure of learning institutions. These statistics are enough to highlight how great online tutoring classes are required.

If you are a professional or work in the educational sector and are well capable of handling online tutoring classes, you are lucky. Even after this pandemic period, most guardians and parents will seek out online tutoring for their children. You already have the skills, so nothing extra is needed except for compiling good study material and notes, setting up your platform, and kick-starting your sessions.

3. Become a Freelancer

Numerous freelancer platforms, such as Fiverr, 99designs, Freelancer, and more, can help connect you with an employer based on your skill set level. With freelancing, you can set out as a sole freelancer or start your freelancer platform. It is a great business idea, especially considering that very little investment is needed.

You can also search for other jobs, which include, but are not limited to, online PR, digital marketing, web designing, social media marketing, sales, and freelance content marketing. Many people had no idea how profitable freelancing was until this pandemic hit. More and more people are loving the idea of working from home, and freelancing is one way.

4. Set out to become an Online Sales and Marketing Agent

If you have excellent communication skills and are a good negotiator, for that matter, you can make it big in the sales and marketing niche. There is a growing demand for businesses to have an online presence. Thus, sales and marketing professionals are in high demand from various companies.

For those who are enthusiastic enough and ready to join the corporate world, this is an excellent opportunity for you to make money. Also, try to search through various affiliate marketing programs. With a massive traffic website or significant social media presence, you are fit for the job. Reach out to us if you need help starting as an affiliate marketer.

5. Set up a Hyperlocal delivery service

In this lockdown phase, most people are shopping online, a trend expected to continue even after the pandemic. So, the online delivery business is booming. Most pre-existing delivery companies focus on foodstuffs, and they are doing well.

However, very few online delivery companies focus on assorted product deliveries, making it a perfect opportunity to start your hyperlocal delivery business. Such hyperlocal delivery business involves the operation of a courier agent picking up products from a seller and then delivering them directly to the customer’s address. Starting this kind of business requires very little initial investment and can bring easy and impressive returns. Some of the ideas you can begin with include deliveries for groceries, alcohol, pharmaceutical products, and daily essentials.

6. Start a Freelancer Marketplace

Perhaps you find the above business ideas, highlighted above, too demanding and cannot handle complete operational control; you can set out to own a freelance marketplace. Here, you connect employees to employers and vice versa. Like other popular freelance marketplaces, such as Fiverr and Upwork, begin by introducing yours to Husky.

To sum up, highlighted above are some of the best business ideas to try at home during this pandemic period. Pick the business idea that suits you best and venture. If you are anxious about getting started, reach out to different experts and consultants for help. All in all, times are indeed hard during this pandemic, but we need to stay optimistic-better days are coming!

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