Marketing Strategy for startups

Creating a product is the first half of a marathon. The next half is  about reaching the customers and penetrating the market . You have a practical and novel idea of a product that has a promising future. You set great plans for it and meticulously develop it into a product which fits the market well. Then the next step is reaching to the customers showing them that you exist

A Guide to Starting a Business in Nepal

Are you a Nepali entrepreneur planning to start a new business in Nepal? The legal process, process involving registration and post-registration procedures might be confusing for new entrepreneurs. Given is the overview of what you need to do and estimates of the time the specific step in the process takes according to a study done by the World Bank in June 2016.

marketing small business strategy low cost

When it comes to marketing, small businesses suffer a lot because of two reasons. One is that they have large competitors pool and another is they have too little budget to invest. It’s very hard to find smart startup tips which are economically and tactically fruitful as the competitors are also doing the same at the meantime. It all depends on how well you understand the trends on the market,

manage online reputation

Most of the ventures we see now have their own website and social media profiles. The turmoil that the internet has created in the field of communication made it somehow compulsory for business holders to make their online profile for better exposure. Making an online profile of businesses helps them connect easily with their customers at the same time introducing them to the large ocean of competitors. Hence, to secure

make music make money

  Chance, the rapper from Chicago won 3 awards at the 59th Grammy awards, Music’s most coveted recognition, as an independent artist with his album streaming only in Apple Music. The music industry once dominated by cassettes, CDs, Vinyls now share a huge proportion of it with the internet and its services. With music, formats in which they are now distributed and listened have also gone drastic change. Online radios, music

make attractive personality

Have you ever wondered looking at someone and whispered to yourself, “Wow! What a personality!”? It had happened to me several times when I met some people with dashing and captivating personality and wished secretly if I could be like them. But we all know that we are different than others in many aspects, however, it’s not that we can’t develop our own style to helps us manage our professional life easily. Developing

Entrepreneur startup tips

Now, we live in a world where the number of emerging startups and entrepreneurs has been highest ever than before. Starting own business and taking it to the success is a risky way of earning money and recognition but rewarding than some job. Setting up a startup at the initial phase may seem easy but is quite intimidating and risky to make it through success. But with these careful steps