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5 Reasons an Entrepreneur should be Visionary

Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric quotes, “Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.” In entrepreneurship, every good or bad decision is the result of one’s vision followed by either success or failure however small or big. Vision is the drive that gets […]

9 Effective Habits of Millionaires You Need To Adopt Today"

9 Effective Habits of Millionaires You Need To Adopt Today

self belief believe yourself onentrepreneur

Believing In Yourself For REAL This Time: A Practical Guide

make attractive personality

How to Have an Attractive Personality

Why are immigrants more entreprenuerial
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Why Are Immigrants More Entrepreneurial?

There is a rich legacy of immigrant achievement in business, from the second-generation Irish immigrant Henry Ford who built one of the most successful car manufacturers in history right through to today with Elon Musk who moved from South Africa to America to disrupt the motor industry with his revolutionary Tesla cars. Study after study […]

Predicative Analytics-Facts You Must Know

Predictive Analytics – Facts You Must Know

Why Are Keywords So Important for Your Online Sales? (Infographic)

Why Are Keywords So Important for Your Online Sales?

In the Age of AI and Bots - Why Call Centres Still Matters

In the Age of AI and Bots Why Call Centers Still Matters?

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4 Tips for Effective Market Penetration

Creating a product is the first half of a marathon. The next half is about reaching the customers and penetrating the market. You have a practical and novel idea of a product that has a promising future. You set great plans for it and meticulously develop it into a product which fits the market well. […]

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10 Low Budget Marketing Strategy For Small Business

manage online reputation

5 Online Reputation Management Tips

What does the perfect working environment look like

What Does the Perfect Working Environment Look Like?

We can notice differences in offices and the entire work in the last few years. The atmosphere is different, the office design has changed. Desk areas aren’t a piece of the perfect working environment any longer. Today, the cutting edge workplaces are a direct contrast. They are changed over in a major open space, where […]


How to Sustain Your Business in a Highly Competitive Market

impress customer

Things Every Business Needs to Know About Impressing Customers

leave job entrepreneur onentrepreneur

Important Things to Do Before Leaving Your Job